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A Series of Unfortunate Events


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The Baudelaire children, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny, are probably the most unfourtunate youngsters around.
The Baudelaire children have undergone many mishaps in their short lives, and Mr. Snicket has recorded these events.
What a horrible surprise it was, on that miserable day at Briny Beach, the Baudelaires got the awful news of their parents. To think, it wasn't that long ago.


Violet Baudelaire is the eldest sibling. At only 14, many would think she has had to grow up to fast. Violet loves to invent things, at which times she will tie her hair up into a ribbon to think straight.
Like her siblings, she is allergic to peppermint, which indeed came in handy in one event.



Klause Baudelaire, as you may have guessed, is the middle child. Recently turning 13, in what we like to call book seven - The Vile Village - he is much to smart for his age. Reading being his favourite passtimes, he is able to aquire various amounts of knowledge in one day.



Sunny Baudelaire, being only an infant, cannot talk in words many people can understand. Violet and Klaus, however, can understand what their little sister is trying to tell the world.
Sunny's favourite pass-time is biting things with her four sharp teeth.