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A Series of Unfortunate Events


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When the public first heard about V.F.D., in the fifth book-The Austere Academy-noone knew what expect next. Over the next 6 books, Lemony has given us limited, but vital, information about V.F.D.

In the fifth book, we learnt about V.F.D. near the end, and we didn't get any information from the Quagmires. But, in later books, the mystery began to unravel.
V, as everyone who read the tenth book-The Slippery Slope-should know, stands for Volunteer.

We can make a very educated guess that F stands for fire. It is highly likely that it does, although it has yet to be proven to our knowledge.

Like F, we can only assume what D stands for. Many, probably all who don't actually know, believe it to be Department. F and D being Fire and Department does have some evidence behind it, which i will not get into right yet.
Assuming we know what F and D stant for, V.F.D. would enevitable mean Volunteer fire Department.

V.F.D. is mentioned many times in the book, but not all of them are V.F.D.-secret organization. In the seventh book, the Baudelaires ere looking forward to going to the village of V.F.D., hoping to find the secret. They were dismayed when they found out it was only a coinsident that The Village of Fowl Devotees had the initials V.F.D. although their stay wasn't pointless.